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Ox OnSite Inc. provides suction excavation services for contractors, engineers, and facility owners in the oil and gas, power, municipal, transportation, industrial, and commercial construction industries. The Ox OnSite Suction Excavation system is a non-destructive method of excavating as a safe alternative to mechanical equipment. The Suction Excavator uses pressurized air and a vacuum system to excavate around utilities and pipelines quickly, safely, precisely, and cleanly.

This new innovative technology helps our customers deliver productivity, versatility, and value.

  • Air is non-conductive, safe, and an unlimited resource allowing you to stay on site until the job is done, increasing your productivity, and maximizing client value.
  • Air creates dry spoils which can be reused on site, reducing both disposal and new backfill material costs.
  • Air doesn’t create slurry, optimizing payloads, and virtually eliminating overweight fines.

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Ox OnSite is a proud part of Bartels Group Inc.